Here's a tentative breakdown of upcoming projects:

The Felled (Season One)

Thirteen years prior, Earth was on the brink of becoming a Type I civilization. Just as the first manned fleet of ships were about to launch on a long-term mission to the Jovian System, a cataclysmic and surprise alien attack ravages the planet. One ship, Akohen, is able to escape the fray and aims beyond its intended mission: survive as long as they could, in full recognition that there would be no returning to Earth. Children are born and life goes on, until a boy named Joell spots an alien ship which the ship's scans do not. It it thought to be a case of the boy who cried wolf until one of Akohen’s passengers vanishes from thin air.

The Felled is a science fiction serial set in the future chronicling the lives of humankind’s first contigent divorced from their origination of Earth.

I Can’t Just Ride Off Into The Sunset

To the former villain Crazy Horse’s disappointment, the Warriors of Lights have successfully restored the dimness that threatened the world. Now contracted as the sheriff of Hornac, a village with a peculiar leg fetish, he lives a dull existence, longing for the life of a regular non-sentient horse. But when the Duke of Landho’s nephew is murdered in his own bed, choked to death by a pair of pants, Crazy Horse sets out to solve the murder. In the throes of his inquiry, his former master Kaos calls out to him in reality-bending hallucinations, strongly implying the murderer is much closer than he imagines.  

I Can’t Just Ride Off Into The Sunset is a murder mystery set in the zany world of “First Reality”.