Tamra, May, Gary, Hudson, and Bunny were once

united in a polyamorous relationship until May deflects. In the ensuing months, a reconciliation is planned. Not only must they cross the country, but they must cross one and other in constant confrontation to gather the truth of their redemption. This Never Happened Somewhere is a transgressive road novella. 

GOD & everything  is a one-act comedy that follows GOD as a character having words with some of his creations, like Satan, Nietzsche, and some guy named Dave. Blending philosophy and humor, this one is for those wondering, could The Incredible Hulk punch himself so hard he himself could not recover?

Freckles Over Scars is composed of a variety of genres via short stories revolving around a singular theme which depict healing, acceptance, and a guy who plays pool.


"Swiftopia" is a dystopian satire that likens the ubiquitous state of pop music in our daily lives to a horrific zombie apocalypse.

The suicidal Hinanaya Ven returns to

her childhood home of New Orleans,

obsessed with the question of what

happens to us after we die. In the process

she gains possession of the gun her

friends used to commit

suicide through inexplicable circumstances.

"Writer, Seeker, Killer" is a psychological thriller revolving

around the failure of the War on Drugs.

The tale of Arroz, Toney, Serina, and Zok's journey trying to cure of the world of dimness and try to ascertain their identities, First Reality is a comic fantasy, a parody of RPGs and 8-bit that asks, Who are those random heroes?